The second Austral Bodybuilding Tournament was presented in Gaiman

The activity is organized for the second consecutive year by the Olimpo Gym, the Challenger Cup will be put into play, arranged by Chubut Sports, which sponsors the event.

This morning in the Confectionery of the Municipal Gymnasium of Gaiman, the launch of the event was carried out to be held in the SUM of the School No. 200 Bartolomé Miter, located in San Martín and July 28.

The Municipal Mayor Mariano García Aranibar, the head of Chubut Deportes, Walter Ñonquepán, the Director of Sports, Silvana Villordo, the main organizer of the event, Marcos Escobar and local competitors Natalia Cayón and Javier Ramírez participated in this presentation.

In the presentation, Mariano García Aranibar expressed his happiness at being able to support this event and congratulated both the organization and the local participants вor the enormous effort they have to make, the perseverance, the work and the responsibility to achieve these bodies and power. compete and represent ourselves in the best way, so from the municipality we accompany the event, just as we did last year, because it is an activity that every year calls more gamers, with increasingly serious organizations. It is also important for our town because families from other places will get to know us and the intention, as always, is for them to get a good image.

For his part, Walter Ñonquepán pointed out that вt is always a pleasure to be in Gaiman and to accompany all kinds of sports expressions. In this particular discipline, I see that Gaiman has many followers and they have generated a very important move. That this Saturday so many competitors come, not only from the area, but from outside, does nothing but decorate this dream that the organizers surely have, because every year it can be improved and transformed into an icon masteron kaufen within regional competitions. I congratulate you on the effort you make for this organization and I have no doubt that it will be a real success. 

Later, Silvana Villordo remarked that "our job from the Sports Directorate is to be the link between sports institutions and organizations that carry out sports activities, trying to accompany them in logistics and what they need so that everything can come out in the best way. We invite the entire Gaiman community to participate in an event that is new in our city, but that is generating more interest every day. 

Finally, Escobar, the main organizer of the event, said that ast year was a very good experience and everything could go well thanks to the support we had from both Chubut Deportes and the Municipality of Gaiman. For this year we have your support again and that is why we carry out this second edition, which will have competitors from Neuquén, Viedma, Esquel, Comodoro Rivadavia, Caleta Olivia and many from here in the area, especially Gaiman, which makes us proud. We hope that it turns out beautiful, that people join us, we wait for you from 3:00 pm.


On Saturday at 3:00 pm the activity will start at School 100 with the athletes' registrations and the corresponding weigh-ins. Then, from 17, the athletes will perform their exhibitions and poses, and then be qualified by a jury.

It is important to note that last year the First Austral Bodybuilding Tournament was also held in Gaiman and had as winner in the Youth Master category (bodybuilding) Ivo Toñanez and Marianela Martini.